You may enter your child for enrolment at the school from any age - even before birth if you wish!

Until very recently the school has been able to accommodate all students wishing to enroll. However the demand is now outstripping the availability, and while the school may expand in a few years time, it would certainly be wise to enroll your child for the school as soon as you are sure that you wish to send them here. The school admits children on a first-come-first-served basis.

It is important that the children who come here are already brought up in Sahaja culture, and understand the importance of meditation.

Please read the information given below before filling in the Enrolment Form. More details are given in the 'For Parents' link under 'School Policies' section.

Imp: Your Enrolment Form needs to be signed by a member of the CASY (Sahaja Committee) of your Country. Once your enrollment form has been checked you will receive a password which will enable you to access the rest of the ISPS Website for further information.

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